The History of the Old Mill

The Kulpsville Feed Mill, known today as The Mill, was built circa 1894, and is located on the west corner of Sumneytown Pike at Bustard Road. For decades, The Mill served local farmers and residents with feed, flour, coal and other farm and home supplies for nearly 80 years. The Mill was first owned and operated by Henry S. Kulp with help from his son Warren, who eventually involved himself in the manufacturing of locally made clothing. In 1909, he went into a partnership with Elwood Stover, opening a general store in Kulpsville.

In 1916, after Henry S. Kulp's death, The Mill was sold to Charles T. Hedrick, son of Charles M. Hedrick, the operator of the old mill and creamery on Allentown Road (where the Towamencin Village shopping center is located today).

Around 1930, Hedrick sold The Mill in Kulpsville to Russell Detwiler who expanded the store and soon started selling paint, hardware, feed and farm goods until it closed it's doors around 1972. Urwiler and Walter Inc. purchased the property in 1975 and it was then known as The Kulpsville Professional Building (this original sign can be seen on the wall downstairs at The Mill today).

In 1988 Greg and Kathi Moore purchased The Old Mill , along with the house and land adjacent to it. Originally, the first floor was leased out to Steve's Hoagies and the second floor tenants were artists and quilt makers. Eventually, the second floor was used by musicians who entertained locals and also toured internationally.  In 1996, The Moores took over the restaurant and renamed it "The Sandwich Mill" where it was known for homemade soups, sandwiches and a comfortable atmosphere.

In 2015, The Old Mill was renovated by Greg, his brother Dan and Dan's wife Marie Moore - and remains a family restaurant known as "The Mill", as much as it is a museum.  Guests today can see some of the old restored wooden wheels, pulleys and historic pictures - and other Old Mill and Feed Store memorabilia that was uncovered during the renovation, while enjoying quality, comfort food made with fresh local ingredients, creative burgers, wood-fired pizzas and other items created by Chef de Cuisine and Manager, Danielle Moore (Dan & Marie's daughter).

Today, The Old Kulpsville Feed Mill and Store, sometimes referred to as Hedrick's Mill, remains. One can still see the old mill doors high above the intersection, where ropes and pulleys used to lower heavy bags of feed and other Mill products to waiting wagons on the street below.